Based in the beautiful South West of England, Andrea Hewer is implicitly trusted by five star brands to act autonomously as online concierge, social communications advisor and coordinator. A no-nonsense multi-disciplinary retailer and marketer at the core, specialising in social media content management and renovating retail development projects.

Here you’ll find a unique fusion of creative content marketing and emotionally intelligent customer facing knowhow. Substance, colour and texture are applied to your special products, people and places. Light is thrown on threads that connect your things with current customers/guests/visitors, threads that also pull in new people. Cloaked in your brand’s enticing seasonal moods, sights and sounds, engaging content is planned, woven, managed and communicated by many means – digital, print and 3D.

When occasion calls for some flexing, Andrea reels in support and extra expertise from numerous collaborators – a creative bunch with a host of skills to be mined in the realms of Photography, Video, Graphic Design, Marketing & Copywriting. Learn more.

Do make contact to arrange a no-strings chat about how your business could benefit from some content & communications TLC - email Andrea.

Someone on the horizon is wielding a Marketing Plan – quick, scatter!

Someone on the horizon is wielding a Marketing Plan – quick, scatter!

BIG ideas, ripe for popping There’s no getting away from it. Those who like to ‘have a plan’ are often seen as party poopers with enormous pins (sharp pencils will do), ready to pop the balloons of those with BIG ideas. Those pin poppers slow the show down just as the fast-moving targets are comingContinue Reading

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